How to Score Big at a Sample Sale

How to Score Big at a Sample Sale

19th May 2022

A sample sale is an event where brands and their reps sell their store samples at deep discounts. It is the perfect opportunity to score great deals and current season items from your favorite designers.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the sample sale at Boca Surf and Sail’s 2nd Annual Event:

Know the dates and get there early. Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 21st 9am - 2pm. Make sure to arrive early. The best picks always go to the first to show up

It’s all in the preparation. Make your sample sale shopping experience more enjoyable by leaving your excess belongings at home . Dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes. (TIP: slip-on shoes are the best if you are shopping for pants)
Know yourself. You must be strategic. Know what designers cut for your body type and what tents you want to shop first. Know your size. Know how to separate the junk find from the treasure find. And, most of all, know your budget!
All sales are (usually) final. Make sure you’ve tried everything on and examined your items before you make your purchase.
Wear tight fitting clothing (tank tops and legging optimal) so you can change in public (fitting rooms get busy).
Shop sustainably. Bring a big bag with a shoulder strap to carry around the stuff you find (a beach bag is good).
Bring cash (unless otherwise noted). You will check out faster and it will limit your spending.
Bring a friend. It is always so much more fun to shop with a friend. Plus they can help you watch over your stuff and to block fellow shoppers.