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Skim boarding is a popular sport that can be done year round along the shores of South Florida. As a growing competitive sport, a skimboarding lesson from a professional can greatly improve your skills. Our skim boarding instructors are seasoned professionals that compete on a regular basis. They stay current with the latest tricks and maneuvers and can share their secrets with you. Skimboarding lessons are available 7 days a week!


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Learn skimboarding with a private one-on-one lessons! The hands-on training with professional instructors ensures you will have the fundamentals down, and will have a solid grasp of board handling, standing up and riding. Most lessons are organized in two parts.

First you start off on the beach with your instructor explaining the basics of skimboarding, ocean safety and getting on your board. Once the instructor feels confident with your abilities you'll hit the shore and start practicing!

If you are an experienced skimboarder and just looking to get some tips and tricks to improve your riding we can skip the ground school and get started right away.

All lessons are tailored specifically for the customer, with a focus on ensuring you are having the most enjoyable experience both in and out of the water!

Lesson Time:  1.5 hours
Number of Students:  1
Price:  $75




The more the merrier. If your group is planning on a surfing excursion, this package is perfect for you!   Get big discounts if you come in groups of 6 or more. Perfect for birthday parties, corporate team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, school field trips, graduation parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and more.

Lesson Time:  1 hours

2 Students:  $65 per student

3 - 6 Students:  $55 per student

7 - 12 Students:  $45 per student

13 - 24 Students:  $35 per student




Our group skimboarding clinics are designed for people that want a smaller group session than our free lesson program allows. Registration is encouraged to guarantee a spot. 

Saturdays, 9:30am - 11:00am

Cost: $30 per student

** Each class must have a minimum of 5 students to be held. **


or call us today to reserve a lesson with one of our experienced instructors.  (954) 427-4929



What is the minimum age for skim lessons?

It is recommended that students be at least five years old before they begin lessons.

Where will the skim lessons be held?

Lessons are usually done on Deerfield Beach on the North side of the pier.  However, on request, an instructor may be able to hold the lessons at your hotel or other South Florida beach.

How long is a lesson usually?

A standard lesson lasts 90 minutes.  Thirty minutes are allowed for beach safety and travel to the beach; then at least one hour of time in the water.

What should I bring with me to the lesson?

You should bring a towel, sunscreen, a rash guard or extra t-shirt, and a camera for lot of great photo opportunities.

It is customary to tip the instructor?

Just like any service business, tips are always appreciated but not required.  A standard 10% - 20% is always appreciated if you feel it was a good lesson.

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Call: 954-427-4929




"It’s been a month since our first surf lesson and I haven’t stopped going! I got my husband hooked in surfing as well! We now have a new sport and something to do every Saturday morning with our three kids! Island Water Sports is making our addiction a lot easier too! lol! They ROCK! :)"
-Enith Hernandez


"Island Water Sports is where I learned to surf in third grade and I’ve been going there ever since and its an amazing crew!"
-Shawn Simpson


"I learned to surf at Island in 1990. My brother and I both got our very first new-to-us boards there and took 0700 Sat lessons. I attended Surf Camp with Kurt in New Smyrna while my lil bro went to skate camp at Bible Town."
- Heidi Rhoades


"That was more than excellent. My daughter enjoyed it so much. Surfing is her new sport I'm sure about it. Awesome camp for kids.The instructors are very professional. Seemed like they had well trained counselors and I didn't have to worry about anything. Great experience for any kid to try out."
-Don Pepe (Budapest)


Lessons are provided by Island Surf & Sport, Inc.